What to expect at Forest Creek Chiropractic?

Each one of our patients has come to realize the care we deliver in our office is UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT. Our methodical approach, personal relationships, and most importantly, outstanding results set us apart from most chiropractic and medical offices.

1.Identify The Root Cause

Understand Exactly What’s Happening
We’re here to give you the answers you’re looking for. We start with a thorough review of your medical history. Then we perform a physical exam, recording impairments to movement and loss of function. Once complete, we can identify the exact reason for any pain or impaired function you’re experiencing.

2. Plan For Your Unique Needs

Get Your Own Personalized Treatment Plan
We create a physical care plan specific to your needs. We’re highly affordable so you can get the care you deserve.

3. Kickoff Treatment with an Immediate Adjustment

Experience Relief and Start Recovery On Day One
You can start receiving physical therapy from us the same day you walk in the door! With our same-day care, you’ll get relief and better health with NO prescriptions from day one.

4. Comprehensive Ongoing Assessments

Accelerate Your Treatment Through Periodic Refinement
From the very first session with us, we’ll evaluate your posture, movement patterns, leg length discrepancy, gait, and more. We want to know everything about your body’s structure and how you move so we can provide the best treatment. We continue to assess over time to monitor progress and adjust your treatment.

5. Correction of the Underlying Issue

Experience Long-Term Relief and Functional Improvement
Physical therapy is here to remove barriers including pain and fatigue so you can live life how you want. Whether your goals are to increase longevity, become a better athlete, excel in your career, or finally live pain-free, we’re here for you.