TPI Certified Golf Performance

What is TPI?

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) was founded in 2003 as an entity to study how the human body influences the golf swing. They’ve built their business on the principle that:

there is no one way to swing a golf club, rather there is one efficient way for every golfer to swing a club, and that is dictated by what the golfer can physically do.”

To this end, they developed the TPI screening protocol. The image below is the 16-point movement screen that is the starting point of your evaluation.

How does it help my game?

Good question. TPI’s golf fitness model is about fitting your body into your golf game.  Do you ever have pain or feel exhausted after golfing? It’s probably because you’re trying to force your body to do things it can’t do…yet.

Do you ever feel that you spend all that time at the range and never get better? Have you gone to a golf instructor, who informed you that you are “early extending” or you are “hanging back” or “you are swaying or sliding?” Despite your attempts to correct these flaws, you continue to move in the same pattern, with the same with the same results.

With TPI, a 20-minute physical screening will identify your physical limitations. These physical limitations are some of the reasons you are “extending early” or you are “hanging back or why you “sway or slide.”

This screen is followed by using a K-vest 3D motion capture apparatus to further analyze you swing and provide feedback on how your body is moving throughout your swing and where you are losing power.

By identifying these limitations and providing some easy exercises to eliminate these limitations, correction of the golf swing is now possible. In many cases, it’s not your swing, it’s your body! Fix your body, and you can fix your swing!

Our Golf Performance Program is designed to:

  • Increase your awareness of your body position during the golf swing
  • Identifies your physical limitations that may impact your golf swing
  • Reduce the risk of injury by correcting inefficiency in your swing

By addressing these 3 key areas, the ultimate goal is to:

  • Help you swing better
  • Hit the ball further
  • Score lower
  • Play without pain

Our Process

Step 1: Complete Physical, Medical and Sports History

A complete history of you past and present physical condition, medical issues and sports related injuries is the starting point for our program. By knowing your history, we are able to set reasonable goals and expectations for improving your game.

Step 2: The TPI Physical Assessment

Physical assessment of golf-specific flexibility, strength, balance, power, and upper/lower body separation coordination (based on Titleist Performance Institute’s physical assessment performed on and developed from PGA and LPGA players) to establish your “Golf-Fitness Handicap.”

Step 3: K-Vest Swing Efficiency Assessment

Using 3D motion capture we determine your Kinematic Swing Sequence (sequence of lower body, upper body, and club in downswing transition), Swing Timing, Rotational Velocities/Speed, and X-Factor Measurements (separation difference of lower body from upper body at top of backswing).

Step 4: Bio-feedback Session 

A bio-feedback session is  to designed specifically to address the most important factor impacting you golf swing. Bio-feedback is an important tool to help correct inefficient swing characteristics and relearn new more efficient patterns that will improve your game.

Step 5: Custom TPI Exercise Program

An exercise program is created to address strength, mobility or flexibility based on your TPI Physical Assessment results, that can be performed at home and/or at the gym. This program is sent via email with 24 hours of your assessment.